Seattle has a new veteran sports group as anticipation joining gives fans an tenure stake

The Seattle Emerald Haze group logo. (The Crown League Image)

AndroidTechNews.Com – Seattle sports fans watchful for a NHL to dump a initial puck in a city, or for a NBA to get correct and return, have another maestro group to compensate courtesy to as The Crown League, a initial maestro anticipation sports league, denounced a Seattle Emerald Haze as a latest franchise.

The league’s opening deteriorate starts in September, and with group shares supposing to a public, a offshoot is that bland fans will get to knowledge what it’s like to deposit in a pro sports team.

“Nearly 60 million people in North America participated in anticipation sports final year, and anticipation football is an constituent partial of a informative landscape,” Dan Nissanoff, The Crown League’s co-founder and CEO, pronounced in a news recover Friday. “We’re vehement to change a approach fans knowledge anticipation by formulating a initial maestro joining that combines a competitiveness of pro sports with a seductiveness of investments and ownership.”

The Seattle Emerald Haze — named in what appears to be some arrange of curtsy to Jimi Hendrix and authorised weed — join 11 other franchises for a entrance season, and a names are equally entertaining: Florida Mangos Wild, Los Angeles Drive, Philadelphia Powderkegs, Sin City Bad Babies, Texas Holy Smokers, Denver Moguls, Atlanta Hot Wings, New York Bodega Cats, Chicago Hogmollies, and New England Cape Gods. The 12th group plcae will be dynamic by open vote, available on this page.

The Seattle Emerald Haze trademark on a football helmet. (The Crown League Image)

A 13-game report is already manifest on a Emerald Haze group page, as is sell with a group trademark that will be available for squeeze soon.

Each of a franchises will be managed by a maestro ubiquitous manager and front bureau comprised of attention experts from heading sports media properties such as Sports Illustrated, numberFIRE, Rotowire and Pro Football Focus, former NFL players and scouts, and more. They will be obliged for a day-to-day government of rosters.

Fans who opt in as owners (shareholders) can have a contend in such things as breeze selection, lineup decisions, waiver exchange and trade proposals by regulating a dedicated app that allows them to promulgate with a front office. GMs will make a final group decisions though they will be accountable to owners who can eventually confirm to keep or reinstate them.

“By creation pro sports tenure available to a masses, we’re giving fans a energy they’ve always wanted – a contend in their team’s instruction and a intensity financial rewards to go along with it,” Crown League co-founder Derek Siskin pronounced in a statement. “Despite a passion anticipation sports inspires, a structure has never authorised for a kind of wild team-based fandom that exists in any other pro sport. That’s a form of village and common knowledge we intend to create.”

There are other groups who use record to assistance fans control a movement that they base for, including a Fan Controlled Football League, that allows fans to have a contend in all from play-calling to employing ubiquitous managers.

Melissa Jacobs, The Crown League’s initial womanlike GM, will lead a approach for Seattle, with Pat Fitzmaurice aiding as co-GM. Jacobs is a owner and handling editor of The Football Girl, a media opening that creates a NFL and anticipation football some-more available for women. She was formerly an NFL editor during, a writer during ESPN and after a anticipation consultant for espnW.

The joining says it skeleton to beget original calm to keep owners and fans updated via a deteriorate and raise a knowledge of rooting for any franchise, including daily research of matchups, teams, GMs and their moves.

The joining anticipates that shares in any group — smallest investment of one share during $60 — will be available for open squeeze in late June, though records that squeeze will usually be available after a SEC “qualifies” a offerings (see disclaimer during bottom). View filings for any group here. 

And learn some-more about some of a high-profile anticipation football fanatics and a extended group behind The Crown League here — they embody such sports and business personalities as Joel Litvin, former NBA boss of League Operations; Happy Walters, longtime sports agent; Mike Levy, CBS Sportsline founder; and Ryan Mundy, maestro NFL actor and entrepreneur.

The Crown League supposing a following disclaimer per SEC due offerings:

No income or other care is being solicited, and if sent in response, will not be accepted.

No offer to buy a bonds can can be supposed and no partial of a squeeze cost can be perceived until a charity matter filed by a association with a SEC has been competent by a SEC. Any such offer might be cold or revoked, but requirement or joining of any kind, during any time before notice of acceptance given after a date of qualification.

An denote of seductiveness involves no requirement or joining of any kind.

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