Screenshots claim Windows 10 has a search problem but it’s very rare

Windows 10 Search interface

AndroidTechNews.Com – Search has become an essential part of Windows and it’s more
advanced in Windows 10 than any previous version of the
operating system. For example, it can even look for information
online and in local storage.

Microsoft’s search platform is deeply integrated into Windows
10 and the apps like Settings is also using search

“The Windows Indexer organizes your files so that you can
locate a document, photo or other file almost instantly through
Windows Search. When it comes to search, speed is crucial —
usability studies show that anything slower than 50
milliseconds results in a bad search experience,” Microsoft
explains how the search feature in Windows 10 works.

Search feature in Windows 10 works great most of the time but
it’s not perfect or bug-free. Some screenshots posted on social
media website Reddit shows that there’s a Windows 10 search
problem which is annoying but it’s very rare.

Over the past few months and weeks, some screenshots
posted on Reddit has revealed that Windows 10 search has some
odd bugs that appear to be limited to specific systems. It’s
worth noting that we couldn’t reproduce the bugs shown in
the screenshots here and it’s only happening on a small group
of PCs.

As you can see in the screenshots above, the simple search for
Windows Store is pointing to an image which absolutely
doesn’t make sense. In another case, when
“Mail” is searched, Windows 10 Mail app isn’t the top result,
with the search feature instead recommending the Control Panel.

Windows 10 settings app search broken

screenshot shows that the search query “storage” in
Settings app throws an error “no results for storage”.

Windows 10 search broken example

In the above case, the Windows
10 search feature fails to solve a simple math question but
this bug is also limited to a small subset of devices. “Thanks
for reporting this. This query works for me (shows the
calculator) – what region and build number are you
using,” Microsoft’s Jen Gentlemen responded to the

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