Samsung’s Mobile Browser gets address bar at the bottom like Safari

Samsung's Mobile Browser

When Apple released iOS 15 they switch the default address bar in Safari from the top to the bottom, although you can change this. Now Samsung has apparently copied Apple with the Samsung Mobile browser.

On the Samsung Mobile Browser, you can now have the option to have the address bar at the bottom of the page instead of the top. This is not something that Samsung has offered before until Apple added it to iOS 15.

This new layout is available in the current beta version of the company’s Mobile Browser app, so it looks like the changes may have been inspired by Apple’s recent changes in iOS 15.

Apple is not the first company to move the address bar to the bottom, Google previously did this back in 2016, although switched back as users were not happy with the new location.

It will be interesting to see if Samsung keeps this new feature for their browser when the next version of their software is released. The feature is currently available in the latest beta.

Source Dan Seifert, MacRumors

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