Samsung will cancel your Galaxy Fold pre-order on May 31st unless you confirm you still want it

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The saga of the Galaxy Fold continues today, and Samsung still doesn’t have a launch date for its foldable device.

Samsung is now contacting Galaxy Fold pre-order customers to ask them if they’re still interested in the device. As noted by Droid-Life, Samsung says that if they don’t hear from you and the Galaxy Fold doesn’t ship by May 31st, your pre-order will be automatically canceled. If you don’t want your order to be canceled, an email you can request that Samsung keep it and send your Galaxy Fold when it’s ready to launch.

Samsung explained to Reuters that it was required by U.S. regulations to notify Galaxy Fold pre-order customers that their order would be canceled if the product doesn’t ship by May 31st.

Customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold won’t actually be charged until the device ships, so the good news is that at least those who did put their names down for Fold aren’t out $2,000 and wondering when their phone will ship. Samsung delayed the Galaxy Fold’s launch last month after some units broke while in the hands of reviewers, and Samsung said that it would investigate the issue and strengthen the Fold’s display protection. There’s no word on when the Galaxy Fold might launch.

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