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Samsung teases foldable phone with updated company logo

Samsung foldable phone teaser

We’ve heard rumblings and rumors that Samsung’s long-rumored foldable smartphone may finally be revealed soon, and now Samsung seems to have confirmed that the device is indeed getting close.

Samsung Mobile has updated its Facebook and Twitter pages with a new profile image that appears to tease a foldable device. As you can see above, the image shows the name “Samsung” folded over like you’d expect a foldable smartphone to look when its folded up.

Samsung recently teased that its foldable smartphone could be shown at the Samsung Developer Conference, which is taking place November 7-8. Rumors have suggested that Samsung will only show “a detailed conceptual image of the phone, its features and user interface”, though, because of the phone’s ongoing development. The device is reportedly slated to launch in Q2 2019.

We’ve been hearing rumors about Samsung’s foldable smartphone for years now, so it’s kind of exciting to see that it may finally be close to launch. We don’t know much about the device, like what it looks like or what specs it might have, but rumors have said that Samsung is working with Google on a special version of Android for the foldable phone, which is good to hear since if you’re at all interested in the device, you want some special features that take advantage of that form factor.

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