Samsung Quick Share reportedly coming soon as competitor to Apple’s AirDrop

Leaks have shown that Google is working on an Android competitor to Apple’s AirDrop, and now it’s been revealed that another company is working on an AirDrop-style feature.

Quick Share is a new feature Samsung is working on for its Galaxy phones. A report from XDA-Developers reveals that Quick Share will be a “pretty simple tool” for sending files between two Samsung phones.

If you’ve got a Samsung phone with Quick Share and you’re near another Galaxy device that has it as well, they’ll show up in the feature and you’ll be able to send a photo, video, or other file.

As with Apple AirDrop, you’ll be able to specify if you want everyone to be able to share with you via Quick Share or if you want to limit your availability to your contacts.

Quick Share Samsung leak

Today’s report also says that Quick Share will let you temporarily upload files to Samsung Cloud which will then be streamed to Samsung Smart Things devices and downloaded locally. It’s said that these files will have a size limit of 1GB and that you’ll be able to send up to 2GBs per day.

Sharing features like AirDrop can be super handy for quickly sending a photo or other file to a friend nearby. Sure, options like a text message or email are also available, but features like AirDrop can be just as fast without cluttering up your inbox.

With the Galaxy S20 series making its official debut next month, it’s possible that Samsung could be planning to launch Quick Share with those new flagships. Since this probably isn’t some crazy intensive hardware feature that requires the latest processor, we could see Quick Share sent out to previous Samsung phones with future updates, too.

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