Samsung patent hints at S Pen with built-in camera and optical zoom

Sansung Galaxy Note 8 S Pen stylus

We’ve gotten lots of early peeks lately at the products that Samsung may announce on February 20, including the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Watch, but now we’re getting a peek at something that Samsung may have planned for later on in the future.

Samsung has been granted a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that hints that the company may put a camera inside of an S Pen stylus. The patent drawings show a device that slots into a phone, similar to how the S Pen slots into the Galaxy Note, and includes optical lenses, an optical zoom, and an image sensor in the non-writing side of the stylus.

Samsung S Pen camera patent

The other drawings included with the patent filing also mention that Samsung may include S Pen slots in future products like laptops and desktop displays.

Since all of this info is included in a patent application, it’s unclear when or if we’ll actually see a camera-equipped S Pen come to market. The idea is pretty intriguing, though. Not only would it give you a small wireless camera, but it could also help Samsung to avoid having a bezel, notch, or hole-punch for a front-facing camera on its smartphone.

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