Samsung now taking Galaxy Fold reservations

Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on

If you’re excited for the Galaxy Fold, the time has come to make Samsung aware of your interest.

Samsung is now taking reservations for the Galaxy Fold. Just point your browser at this webpage, enter your name, email, and ZIP code, and decide whether you’d want the AT&T or T-Mobile version of the Galaxy Fold.

To be clear, this is a reservation for a chance to receive an invitation to pre-order the Galaxy Fold. You’re not spending any money right now, so if you think you’d like to buy a Galaxy Fold when it launches later this month, it’s probably wise to get your name on this list now, especially because Samsung says that availability is limited.

The Galaxy Fold features a 4.6-inch outer display, 7.3-inch inner display when unfolded, and a total of six cameras. It’s got a whopping 12GB of RAM, too, along with 512GB of built-in storage and a 4380mAh battery. Samsung has said that the Galaxy Fold will cost $1,980, but hey, no one ever said that being an early adopter is cheap, right?

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