Samsung intros First Snow White Galaxy Note 9

Snow White Galaxy Note 9 official

Samsung is giving the Galaxy Note 9 a new paint job.

Samsung recently announced a First Snow White version of the Galaxy Note 9. Announced in Taiwan, this white Note 9 comes with 128GB of built-in storage and a price of NT$30,900, or $999 USD.

This First Snow White Note 9 comes with an all-white backside and matching white S Pen. Like the other colors of the Note 9, though, the front of the phone is black.

It’s unclear when or if the First Snow White Galaxy Note 9 will be released in other parts of the globe. Samsung has a history of offering new color options for its flagship phones post-launch, and so it’s possible that the company will expand availability of this white Note 9 sometime in the coming months, but for now most of us will just have to drool over this good-looking phone from afar.

What do you think of the First Snow White Galaxy Note 9? Would you buy one if it were sold in your country?

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