Samsung Galaxy Z Flip stock running low on launch day

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip video

Today is Galaxy Z Flip launch day, but if you haven’t already ordered one, it may be a while before you get one of your own.

Samsung’s website says that its currently sold out of the Galaxy Z Flip, but the company does say that it’ll have more stock on February 21st. The Verge‘s Dieter Bohn reports that Samsung’s own store in Palo Alto, CA said that they’d have less than 10 units available for purchase, so in-store availability doesn’t look great.

Best Buy is sold out of unlocked units both online and in more than 20 stores around me, though Best Buy does say it’s “getting more soon.” Best Buy’s online store does say that it’s got AT&T’s Galaxy Z Flip in Mirror Black available and ready to ship.

When it comes to the carriers, both AT&T and Sprint say that they’ve got limited quantities of the Galaxy Z Flip. Customers who order from AT&T as of this post aren’t expected to get their order until February 26th at the earliest.

It’s not known exactly how many Galaxy Z Flip phones Samsung released today, and it’s unlikely that that’s a figure that Samsung will share. There may be some real consumer interest in the Z Flip, but it’s also still an early foldable that costs $1,380, and so it’s not like Samsung released as many Z Flips as it will Galaxy S20s.

Did you try to buy a Galaxy Z Flip today? If so, were you successful or did you strike out?

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