Samsung Galaxy View 2 leak details an Android tablet with a 17.5-inch screen

Samsung Galaxy View review

Remember the Samsung Galaxy View (shown above)? This tablet launched at the end of 2015, and its claim to fame was its massive 18.4-inch display. Fast-forward nearly three years and it sounds like that big tablet is getting a sequel.

Samsung is working on a Galaxy View 2, according to a report from Android Police. This new model is allegedly a bit smaller than the original Galaxy View, with it reportedly packing a 17.5-inch screen. To help you prop up that big display, the Galaxy View 2 will include a hinge that’s the full size of the tablet itself. This hinge will work in two positions: a “closed” position that’ll angle it at about 30 degrees, and another position that’ll deploy the screen upright.

Spec details for the Galaxy View 2 are light, but it’s expected that the tablet will have a 1080p display around 17.5 inches in size, 3GB of RAM, and a microSD card slot. A Samsung Exynos processor will reportedly come with the Galaxy View 2, along with USB-C charging and Android Oreo. One thing it’s not expected to have is Samsung DeX support, which could lessen the big tablet’s appeal for being a work machine.

There’s no word on when the Galaxy View 2 might launch, but the device is said to be coming to AT&T.

It’s kind of surprising to hear that another Galaxy View is launching three years after the original, especially since we never heard much about the original model following its launch. With its 17.5-inch screen and hinge, the Galaxy View 2 will almost assuredly be meant as an entertainment device, letting you take a big screen with you into the kitchen, garage, or backyard to watch video.

Does an Android tablet with a 17.5-inch screen sound appealing to you?

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