Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11e battery sizes may have leaked out

Samsung Galaxy S10e

The battery details for Samsung’s next Galaxy S flagship phones may have leaked out.

New entries for Samsung batteries have popped up in the database of Safety Korea, an entity responsible for monitoring consumer product safety in South Korea, and these batteries could belong to the Galaxy S11e and Galaxy S11. First up, a battery with the model name EB-BG980ABY has appeared. Because the model numbers of the Galaxy S10 series start with SM-G97, it’s expected that the S11 series model numbers will start with SM-G98, and so this G980 battery could belong to the Samsung Galaxy S11e.

The photograph of the battery is blurry, but we can see it’s got a rated capacity of 14.36Wh. As noted by, with a voltage of 3.85V, this gives the battery an approximate capacity of 3730mAh. Its typical capacity could be around 4000mAh. That’s a huge upgrade from the Galaxy S10e’s 3100mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy S11e battery

Meanwhile, WinRumors has spotted another listing on the Safety Korea website that could belong to the Galaxy S11 battery. This entry is for the EB-BG985ABY, and it’s thought that G985 will be the model number for the S11. The listing says that this model’s battery will be a “Derived Model” of the EB-BN975ABU, which means that the battery will be largely identical but with a different model number.

N975 is the model number for the Galaxy Note 10+. That means that if the Galaxy S11 has the same battery as the Note 10+, it would have a 4300mAh battery. To compare, the Galaxy S10 includes a 3400mAh battery.

One detail worth noting is that “Derived Model” batteries don’t always have the exact same capacity. But it is definitely a possibility that the Galaxy S11 will use the same 4300mAh battery pack as the Note 10+, especially if the Galaxy S11e battery gets bumped up to around 4000mAh.

Samsung introduced both the Galaxy S9 and S10 series in late February, but one recent report suggested that the Galaxy S11’s debut could be pushed into March. That means that we’re still three or four months away from finding out the official battery sizes of the S11 phones and all their other specs. Considering that Samsung’s Galaxy phones are some of the most hotly anticipated smartphone releases every year, though, we’re sure to hear more leaks and rumors about the S11 series throughout the coming months.

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