Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the best-performing smartphone screen, says DisplayMate

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Ocean Blue front back

One year after the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 got the “highest ever A+ grade” from DisplayMate, the Galaxy Note 9 has gone ahead and taken that crown.

In a new report, testing firm DisplayMate says that the Galaxy Note 9 “matches or sets many new Smartphone Display Performance Records” and has earned the highest A+ grade that it’s ever given out. The Note 9’s Absolute Color Accuracy is “visually indistinguishable from perfect,” DisplayMate explains, and Samsung has also improved the phone’s Absolute Picture Quality.

Compared to the Galaxy Note 8, the screen on the Galaxy Note 9 has a 27 percent higher Full Screen Peak Display Brightness, which improves visibility in bright ambient light. 

The Note 9 performed well in several other DisplayMate testing categories, like the lowest Screen Reflectance at 4.4 percent and the smallest Brightness Variation with Viewing angle with 27 percent at 30 degrees.

Here’s the full list of DisplayMate’s Smartphone Display Performance Records that the Galaxy Note 9 matched or set:

  • Highest Absolute Color Accuracy  (0.5 JNCD)  – Visually Indistinguishable From Perfect.
  • Smallest Change in Peak Luminance with the Image Content APL  (2 percent).
  • Smallest Shift in Color Accuracy and Intensity Scale with the Image Content APL  (0.7 JNCD).
  • Highest Peak Display Brightness  (1,050 nits with 710 nits at 100% APL).
  • Largest Native Color Gamut  (113% DCI-P3 and 142% sRGB / Rec.709).
  • Highest Contrast Ratio  (Infinite).
  • Lowest Screen Reflectance  (4.4 percent).
  • Highest Contrast Rating in Ambient Light  (239).
  • Smallest Brightness Variation with Viewing Angle  (27 percent at 30 degrees)
  • Smallest Color Variation of White with Viewing Angle  (1.3 JNCD at 30 degrees)
  • Highest Screen Resolution 3K (2960×1440)  –  4K Does Not appear visually sharper on a Smartphone.

The screens on Samsung flagships regularly get praise from DisplayMate, with the Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy Note 8, and Galaxy S9 all having the best-performing screens when they were each released. Now the Galaxy Note 9 has the best screen around. It’s not too surprising to see the Note 9’s screen perform so well in DisplayMate’s scientific lab tests considering Samsung’s history of screen performance, but it’s still exciting to see the Note 9 do so well if you’re at all interested in the new flagship.

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