Samsung Galaxy Home debuts as Bixby-powered smart speaker

Samsung Galaxy Home Bixby smart speaker official

We’ve been hearing rumors for more than a year now that Samsung was working on a Bixby smart speaker, and today that device was finally revealed.

The Samsung Galaxy Home is a Bixby-powered speaker that’s wrapped in fabric and held up by three metal legs. There are buttons on top for skipping tracks and changing volume, and you can also say “Hi, Bixby” to activate Samsung’s assistant and ask it to play music. Samsung says that Bixby on the Galaxy Home can perform many of the same features as it can on a phone.

Included with the Galaxy Home are six speakers that Samsung says can deliver surround sound-style audio. There are eight far-field microphones to help the device hear you, even when music is pumping.

Unfortunately, there’s not much information about the Galaxy Home available right now. Samsung isn’t saying how much the device will cost, when it’ll launch, or anything like that. All that the company would say is that it’ll share more info at its developer conference in November.

The smart speaker market is becoming increasingly crowded, with the likes of Amazon, Google, Apple, and now Samsung all getting into it. It appears as though Samsung will be focusing more on Apple than on Amazon and Google, though, with the Galaxy Home looking more like a high-end smart speaker like the Apple HomePod rather than direct competition for the Amazon Echo and Google Home. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how Samsung pushes the Galaxy Home and how the Bixby-powered speaker can compete whenever it does finally launch.

Does the Samsung Galaxy Home interest you?

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