Samsung Galaxy Fold will not launch in June, says report

Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on

It’s now been more than one month since Samsung announced that it was delaying the Galaxy Fold, and according to a new report, it’ll be a bit longer before the foldable phone is released.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is not expected to launch in June. Sources speaking to Yonhap News Agency say that stabilizing the quality of the Galaxy Fold hardware will take longer than Samsung anticipated, and so while the company wanted to release the Fold in June, it’s unlikely to meet that goal.

Samsung is reportedly testing the Galaxy Fold’s networking and will meet with network operators in the middle of the month, both of which are factors that could also contribute to the Fold not launching in June.

After some Galaxy Fold review units suffered from broken displays, Samsung delayed the launch of the device so that it could strengthen the device before launching it to the public. It’s expected that Samsung will better integrate the protective layer on the screen so that people don’t peel it off as well as shrink the gaps at the top and bottom of the Galaxy Fold’s hinge to better prevent debris from getting in there.

We don’t yet know when the Galaxy Fold will launch, but if it’s not coming in June, it could be at least a few weeks before a new release date is announced. We already know that Samsung is going to cancel Galaxy Fold pre-orders for customers who don’t explicitly say they still want the foldable device, and Best Buy is canceling all of the pre-orders it took. If you are still dying to get your hands on a Galaxy Fold, it sounds like you’re going to be waiting a bit longer for it.

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