Samsung Galaxy Fold design improvements leak out


When Samsung delayed the Galaxy Fold, it said it would strengthen the display protection on the foldable device before releasing it to the public. Now some details on exactly how Samsung is improving the Galaxy Fold have leaked out.

One of the issues that caused broken Galaxy Fold displays with review units was that people would peel off the protective layer on the screen because they thought it was a screen protector. Samsung is reportedly changing that (via SamMobile), moving the protective layer into the body so that it can’t be removed by the user. The Galaxy Fold will also have a prominent warning label about the protective layer when it ships to consumers.

Samsung is also reportedly shrinking the gap at the top and bottom of the Galaxy Fold’s hinge to prevent dirt and lint particles from getting in there and impacting the hinge’s performance.

These updated Galaxy Fold units are said to be in testing with South Korean carriers right now. There’s still no word on when the Galaxy Fold might ship to consumers, but Samsung did recently say that it will reveal the Fold’s revised release date soon.

The Galaxy Fold is an expensive product, carrying a price tag of $1,980, so it’s good to hear that Samsung is working to help protect the device from damage for consumers who are willing to drop the cash on it. Today’s leak is also good news for folks who were hoping that Samsung would still launch the Galaxy Fold rather than cancel it, as it sounds like the company is committed to getting the Fold out the door.

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