Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could launch in April

Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on

The Samsung Galaxy Fold may have just launched a few weeks ago, but according to a new report, we may be just six months away from an updated model arriving.

The Galaxy Fold 2 is currently slated to launch in April 2020. That’s according to Korean publication The Bell (via SamMobile), which adds that Samsung’s codename for the next Galaxy Fold is “Bloom”.

Finally, today’s report mentions that the Galaxy S11 is slated to arrive in March of next year, meaning Samsung could have a one-two punch of the S11 and Fold in the first half of the year.

While an April launch might seem a little soon for a follow-up to the Galaxy Fold that just launched in late September, but it’s worth remembering that the Galaxy Fold was originally supposed to launch in April of this year. After some review units suffered from broken displays, though, Samsung delayed the launch so that it could improve the design of its foldable phone.

Most of the spec details for the Galaxy Fold 2 are unknown, but it’s rumored that Samsung is deciding whether to use a 6.7-inch or 8.1-inch screen on the new foldable. For reference, the current Galaxy Fold has a 7.29-inch display when unfolded. Rumors also suggest that the Galaxy Fold 2 will launch with Android 10 and that its color options could include black, white, and purple. 

What changes would Samsung have to make to the Galaxy Fold 2 to get you interested in it?

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