Samsung Galaxy Buds+ confirmed by official app before announcement

The Galaxy Buds+ are one of the several new devices that Samsung is expected to announce at its February 11th event, but someone at Samsung may have slipped up and confirmed the new truly wireless earbuds early.

A new Samsung Galaxy Buds+ app for iPhone is live in the App Store. The app is made by Samsung is meant to help you pair your Galaxy Buds+ to your phone and update their software.

“The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ application connects Galaxy Buds+ to your iOS mobile device,” reads the app’s description. The app not only confirms the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ name, but it also includes images of the still-unannounced ‘buds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ blue

In other Galaxy Buds+ news, some official-looking images of the truly wireless earbuds in blue, black, and white have leaked out thanks to WinFuture. We’ve seen some images like these before, but these images do give us another good, clear look at Samsung’s new earbuds.

This report also mentions that the Galaxy Buds+ themselves will have larger batteries than the non-plus Galaxy Buds, from 58mAh to 82mAh. The Galaxy Buds+ case is also expected to get a bigger battery compared to its predecessor, from 252mAh to 270mAh. These increases should help get you better battery life and more time away from the wall charger.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ black

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