Samsung Bixby speaker expected to debut soon with $300 price tag

Samsung CES 2015 booth

So far today, we’ve heard rumors about Samsung’s foldable smartphone and its Galaxy Watch, and now info on another upcoming Samsung device has leaked.

Samsung’s oft-rumored Bixby speaker will launch soon, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Specifically, the device will be announced soon and its launch will “track closely” with the debut of the Galaxy Note 9, which will be announced on August 9th.

The Bixby speaker, which is said to be codenamed “Lux”, will cost around $300. The device is said to have a bowl-shaped design with a legged bottom and lights at the top. Its feature set will reportedly include sound shifting, which will beam the audio in the direction of the person talking to the speaker, and Samsung is expected to market the deice as a high-end music player.

We’ve been hearing about Samsung’s Bixby speaker for awhile now, so it’s nice to hear that the device is finally close to launch. It sounds like it’ll be more like the Apple HomePod than the Google Home or Amazon Echo, focusing more on being a high-quality music player than a home assistant. That’s kind of surprising since you might think that Samsung would want a lower-priced device to try and get people hooked on Bixby, but we’ll have to wait until Samsung actually launches the speaker before we get all of the details on its features and pricing. Stay tuned.

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