Salesforce introduces a low-code development platform based on the blockchain for sharing sales data among partners

Salesforce’s headquarters in San Francisco. (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop)

Salesforce Blockchain will allow companies to build blockchain-based distributed ledgers that integrate with their Salesforce data using just a few clicks, the company announced Wednesday.

Chief Product Officer Bret Taylor introduced the new product, which is in a private preview and expected to become generally available next year, ahead of Salesforce’s TrailheaDX developer conference in San Francisco. With Salesforce Blockchain, the salesforce management software company jumps on two of the hotter buzzwords in enterprise technology at the moment, blending the notion of “low code” development that makes it easier for software development novices to get up and running with the technology that underpins Bitcoin.

Blockchains allow companies to create distributed ledgers of transaction data that aren’t controlled by any one central party and are viewable by anyone on the network. By far and away, the most visible use of blockchain technology involves cryptocurrencies, but companies are also investigating how blockchains can help track assets in a supply chain or verify the identity of users on a corporate network.

Customers using Salesforce Blockchain will be able to create and manage blockchains with a click-based interface, which is much easier than writing all the code necessary to set up a blockchain service. This notion of “low code” or “no code” development platforms is also getting traction as companies look for ways to free their expensive software developers from having to create small applications for the finance department.

Salesforce Blockchain will integrate closely with the company’s Lightning development platform, and employs the open-source Hyperledger Sawtooth technology at its core.

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