Rumors Suggest Incoming 6.1-inch LCD iPhone X Variant Might Only Cost $550

Apple is still making massive profits, but those profits reportedly aren’t as high as the company expected. The iPhone X cost so much and lacked features that appeal broadly to users meaning that sales of the smartphone were much lower than Apple had expected. Back in January, word was circulating that Apple had slashed production of the iPhone X in half for Q1 2018 due to poor demand.

iPhone X

Rumors have also suggested that Apple is set to launch three new iPhone models this year including an updated iPhone X, a bigger iPhone X Plus, and a cheaper iPhone model. A new rumor about that cheaper device suggests that Apple might be hedging slower than expected sales of the high-end devices with a budget offering that will woo the masses. According to the new rumor, the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone might sell for as little as $550. That’s hardly a budget price, but for an iPhone with a big screen, it’s reasonable compared to the $1,000+ range where the currently iPhone X sits.

The $550 price for the LCD iPhone comes from a good source with a great track record for accuracy in things Apple: Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI. According to Kuo, Apple might be planning a DSDS-capable (dual-SIM dual standby) LCD iPhone with a pair of physical SIM card slots and no eSIM support. A second version of the phone is expected as well with a traditional single-SIM design. Kuo pegs the price at between $550 and $650.

Initial rumors predicted that the cheaper iPhone model would command $700 to $800. DSDS is also predicted for the 6.5-inch OLED iPhone that will sit atop the iPhone line for the year. The revamped 5.8-inch iPhone X isn’t expected to get dual-SIM support. DSDS tech is seen as key in some international markets, such as China, where carriers can change depending on the province.

DSDS tech will arrive in the iPhones thanks to Intel baseband chips according to a previous Kuo prediction. DSDS tech is said to be a last-minute addition and means that the 6.1-inch LCD device will start mass production 3-5 weeks after the OLED devices. Kuo says that the 6.1-inch device is expected to be the most popular iPhone of 2018. Despite iPhone X sales sluggishness, the iPhone line overall grabbed 86% of all profits in the smartphone realm for 2017.

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