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RUMOR: Avengers Project Rebooted as Avengers Ultimate Alliance

RUMOR: Avengers Project Rebooted as Avengers Ultimate Alliance

June 4, 2018Written by Uros Pavlovic

The Avengers Project rebooted as Avenger Ultimate Alliance

Reports regarding a new Avengers game have surfaced before. Today, however, we have learned that Marvel and Square Enix are most likely making this game as a reboot of the Avengers Ultimate Alliance series. Mind you, all of this is pretty much off-the-record stuff. According to a nasty little rumor spotted on 4chan, the gameplay will possibly be a mixture of Uncharted and inFamous. This didn’t come as a surprise considering a Naughty Dog veteran was previously reported to have joined the dev team.

The unconfirmed report seems to unveil a few tidbits regarding the game’s story. Apparently, an event occurred that caused the Avengers to split up (the Avengers? Fighting? Naaah!). Despite the Avengers being split, if we understood correctly, this won’t be another Civil War type of plot.

Evidently, the game is going to focus on the following Marvel characters: Captain America, Iron Man, and Scarlet Witch. These three characters will be playable in the game, but there will be others to boot. Much of this was gathered also based on last year’s teaser trailer for The Avengers Project:

As you can tell, development studio Crystal Dynamics is also involved with this one. If this rumor is to be believed Marvel is definitely fired up to hit the gaming market big-time. Next to The Avengers Project, there’s also Spider-Man PS4 (by Insomniac Games).

Once again, we specify that whether or not this is a Avengers Ultimate Alliance reboot is a rumor at this stage, but the E3 2018 is just around the corner. No doubt Square Enix will reveal more during it’s E3 press conference.

[Source: 4chan and IGN Germany]

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