Root Letter: Last Answer casts Cerisier’s Ako Yamamoto as Aya Fumino


Root Letter: Last Answer

Ako Yamamoto from the idol group Cerisier will play the live-action Aya Fumino in the recently announced Root Letter: Last Answer, Kadokawa Games announced.

Yamamoto will also appear at the Tokyo Comic-Con sister event Shimane Gaming Day Convention in Shimane Prefecture’s Matsue city from October 6 to 7.

Here is Aya Fumino’s character description, via Kadokawa Games:

Aya Fumino is a girl from Shimane Prefecture who Max, the protagonist of the story, exchanged letters with in their senior year of high school. She is the “legendary girl” who people talk about even now, who was always caring and kind towards her classmates, had high grades, and excelled in sports and the arts. However, their communication with each other ended after the 10th letter. Fifteen years later, the protagonist unexpectedly came across an 11th letter that was supposed to have been sent. And in that letter, the shocking sentence “I killed someone” was written. Was the fun school life that she wrote about in her letters all a lie? What kind of person is “Aya Fumino” really? The story of Root Letter follows the protagonist to Shimane Prefecture as he attempts to find out the truth about her.

Kadokawa Games has still yet to announce what exactly Root Letter: Last Answer is—such as whether it is a game or movie.

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