Romance visible novel NinNinDays entrance to Switch on Mar 12



Romance visible novel NinNinDays, that initial launched for PC around Steam in Aug 2019, is entrance to Switch around a Nintendo eShop on Mar 12 for 800 yen, developer Qureate announced. It will support English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese denunciation options.

Here is an overview of a game, around a Steam page:


Known usually as “Ninja,” these puzzling mercenaries have worked in a shadows of story from ages past. Dealing in espionage, tip plots, and assassination, a ninja brought wealth to Daimyo and Fuedal lords from a shadows.

—Present day.

In a encampment of their ancestors, ninja continue to leave for training, as is tradition. However, due to miss of requests for work, a encampment has turn zero though a tiny entertainment of houses in a mountains.

It is from this encampment that Sumire was ordered to leave, with orders to sight in a city by her father, a encampment chief.

However, lacking food and money, she collapses on a side of a road.

Saved by a categorical character, she is dynamic to repay her debt to him and unexpected becomes an uninvited guest as his house…


Sumire (voiced by Mikan Nonaka)

  • Height: 158cm
  • Weight: 42kg
  • Bust / Waist/ Hip measurements: 86D / 59 / 87

The usually daughter of a Ninja Village chief. Already has a sufficient qualities, ability and believe of a ninja, though is a healthy clutz and always creation mistakes.

Ordered to sight by her father, she has left a ninja encampment dark in a plateau and left for a city. Leaving a plateau but any food or a silver in her pocket, she passes out from hunger. There she is saved by a categorical impression who happened to pass by. In sequence to repay a debt of saving her life, she barges into a categorical character’s residence as an uninvited guest.

She loves to eat and is always pigging out!

Key Features

  • Smooth impression animation around a E-mote system.
  • Different routes and endings.
  • High peculiarity eventuality CG.
  • Story set in an tangible Japanese town.

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