Romance visual novel Maid-san no Iru Kurashi coming to PS4 on February 27, 2020 in Japan

Maid-san no Iru Kurashi

Entergram is bringing Azarashi Soft-developed romance visual novel Maid-san no Iru Kurashi to PlayStation 4 on February 27 for 2,728 yen, 2020 in Japan, retail listings have revealed.

A 7,128 yen Premium Edition will also be available, which includes a special-illustrated B2 tapestry (double suede) and the game’s original soundtrack.

Maid-san no Iru Kurashi first launched for PC on March 29. Here is an overview of the game’s story, via VNDB:

Every day Yuuma does the same routine, travelling between his home and work. There were no opportunities to meet someone and fall in love, and only loneliness awaited him when he came home from work.

One snowy day in early January, Yuuma found an older girl in a maid uniform collapsed in front of his house. Her name was Eve and she told him that from that day she would be there to comfort him from the stress of daily life.

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