Rocksteady Hits “Another Milestone” in Development of Unannounced Game


Rocksteady Hits “Another Milestone” in Development of Unannounced Game

June 29, 2018Written by Brianna Reeves

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Disappointment still pervades talks of E3 2018 where Rocksteady Games is concerned. However, fans are on a path of acceptance, especially after the developer revealed it’s simply not ready to announce anything. Yet, there does exist some semblance of good news. At the very least, progress is being made. According to studio director, Jamie Walker, the developer has reached “another milestone.” Walker shared the news, and photos from the celebration, in a Twitter post.

Admittedly, Walker’s boast of progress could reference any number of things. Perhaps the studio has successfully brought new employees into the fold. Rocksteady has recently posted about new career opportunities at the company. But maybe the team truly is celebrating a benchmark reached for their new game. If previous rumors hold any water, the unannounced project may star a certain Man of Steel.

These rumors suggest the game is called Superman: World’s Finest and will likely be set in the Arkhamverse. Purported marketing materials support the claims. However, in a world where fan art can sometimes look better than official products, all speculation, regardless of believability, should be taken with grain of salt.

Whatever the cause for celebration, Rocksteady remains unwilling to open up. At least the team is able to have a good time, though. Developing a game, Superman, Justice League, or not, can’t be an easy task, especially if it seems everyone in the multiverse is trying to get a peek over your shoulder.

[Source: Jamie Walker’s Twitter]

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