Roadmap reveals new features coming to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser, which is now based on open-source
Chromium, will be getting new features later this year.
According to the roadmap, Microsoft is working on a
new favourites menu experience where you can start typing
to search your favourites instantly. In addition to the new
favourites menu, Chrome’s extension menu is also coming to Edge

One of the exciting features coming in the next Microsoft Edge
update is a new font rendering system, which aims to improve
clarity and reduce blurriness.

For business customers, Microsoft is planning to integrate
Application Guard with MDATP, which should allow
administrators to track threat activities.

Here’s a list of other features coming with Edge 90:

  • A new feature to ensure that cookies are not reused from a
    device other than the device upon which they were initially
  • Smoother and more consistent text selection experience in
    PDF documents.
  • Autofil improvements: Microsoft Edge will finally remember
    your date of birth, which you can edit and manage anytime in
    your profile settings.
  • Developer mode: The update will turn off the “Disable
    developer mode extensions” warning, which appears within the

For the PDF reader, Microsoft also appears to be testing a new
feature that will allow you to print the current page by
selecting the ‘Current Page’ option within the print dialog.

Another feature will allow you to quickly search and insert
your data in forms that don’t typically have autofill. This
means you can finally explicitly search for your information
and fetch that data in the forms instantly.

This roadmap announcement comes after the company started
rolling out Microsoft Edge 89 update with support for
experimental vertical tabs and sleeping tabs. Edge 89 also
included improvements for security, performance and privacy.

If you’re interested, you should be able to test the other
upcoming features by downloading Edge Canary builds.

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