Rewound app will turn your iPhone into an iPod with click wheel

Rewound app turns iPhone into iPod

The Apple iPod used to be everywhere, but with the rise of smartphones and streaming music, iPods have pretty much disappeared. If you’ve got some nostalgia for the days of scrolling through your music with a click wheel and you have an iPhone, you can relive your iPod ownership in 2019.

An app called Rewound turns your iPhone into an iPod. The app is a music player that doesn’t look like anything at first, but it allows you to download skins from the internet and change its look. There are a handful of different skins available for download right now.

Once you’ve set it up, you can use Rewound to play your Apple Music just like you would on an iPod. Developer Louis Ainslow told The Verge that the idea of this app is to bring back the idea of buttons along with the nostalgia of devices that used them, like the iPod.

Ainslow has also said that he’s working on adding Spotify support to Rewound. Also in the works is an iOS widget that’ll function as a mini-player.

Using the Rewound app to listen to music on your iPhone is a pretty fun nostalgia trip. Navigating through your music with a scroll wheel may not be as efficient as flicking through it with your finger, and the album art isn’t quite as big, but it’s neat to have a your iPhone turn into a functioning iPod. Plus, the ability to download different skins mean you might be able to turn your iPhone into the same iPod that you had years ago.

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