Rever dun Manege launches January 30, 2020 in Japan

Rever dun Manege

The May-announced otome visual novel Rever dun Manege will launch for Switch on January 30, 2020 in Japan for 6,800 yen, Mages otome games brand Love Art announced.

A 10,800 yen limited edition will also be available, which includes the following:

  • Drama CD “The Men’s tete-a-tete”
  • Rever dun Manege original soundtrack
  • Mini character acrylic stand set (seven total)
  • Rever dun Manege ~Grand Open~” event advance raffle application slip

Pre-orders for either version of the game include the separate drama CD “Reporter Arnaud’s Secret Coverage File.”

Here is a summary of the game’s story, via its official website:

Blanc-Bourg is a city near the border of France. With the arrival of spring, the “Rever Traveling Circus” has come to town.

The protagonist Emma lives in the city of Blanc-Bourg. Guided by the carousel music box that is a keepsake of her late father, she visits the circus. Then, in front of the manege (carousel), she meets the circus ringmaster and learns a certain secret.

“The people who work here… they are trapped in this circus by magic. So I need your help. With your magic.”

While working at the circus, Emma hopes to awaken the magic that lies dormant within her to save the carnies.

The memory and magical power Emma lost around age 10; the secret of the Rever Traveling Circus; and the mystery behind the Hamelin incident…

To what truth will the manege that has begun to go round lead—?

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