Report: You’ll be soon able to login into Windows 10 using your Google account

Windows 10 login

Google might be
making fun of Windows in its latest Chromebook ads but
the search engine giant is working on several new features for
Chrome on Windows 10.
Google Chrome recently received native notification support on
Windows 10 and today a new finding suggests that the
browser will support the Credential Providers feature in the
operating system.

A massive code commit on
Chromium suggests that Google is working on a new feature
that will allow users to login into Windows 10 via their
Google account. By the looks of things, the feature is aimed at
enterprises and it’ll require the Google G Suite users.

Google and Windows 10
A concept showing Google login and Windows 10 integration

“Google Credential Provider for Windows. Initial commit of COM
object implementation,” a commit containing close to 12,000
line of codes read.

According to Microsoft, credential providers are the primary
mechanism for user authentication.

“They currently are the only method for users to prove their
identity which is required for logon and other system
authentication scenarios. With Windows 10 and the introduction
of Microsoft Passport, credential providers are more important
than ever; they will be used for authentication into apps,
websites, and more,” Microsoft explains.

Windows Latest understands that Google is planning to use
Chrome to enable this integration and more details will be
uncovered when Google implements the feature in Chrome Canary.

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