Report says Apple AirPower may launch in September, iPhone X nearly lost Lightning port

Apple AirPower wireless charger

When Apple announced the iPhone X last year, it also introduced a new AirPower wireless charger that it promised will charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once. Since that announcement, though, Apple has remained silent about its wireless charger. Now a new report claims to shed more light on what’s going on with AirPower.

Apple is now aiming to launch AirPower “before or in September”, according to sources speaking to Bloomberg. Apple previously only said that AirPower would launch in 2018, but this report says that Apple had hoped to release the device by June.

The delay is reportedly being cause by technical issues. This includes an effort to make sure that the AirPower mat doesn’t overheat as well as “the complexity of the circuitry.”

Another interesting tidbit included in today’s report is that Apple designers would like to remove all ports and buttons on the iPhone and that they considered removing the Lightning port from the iPhone X its development, meaning owners would only be able to charge the device wirelessly. However, Apple opted not to do this because wireless charging was slower than wired charging.

There are tons of wireless charging devices on the market, including many that work with Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8. Still, Apple’s AirPower mat is attractive to iOS users because it lets them wirelessly charge their phone, watch, and AirPods simultaneously, letting them eliminate three charging cables from their desk or nightstand.

Does Apple’s AirPower wireless charger interest you?

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