Report: Microsoft’s foldable Windows 10 device will be powered by Snapdragon 1000

Back of Microsoft Andromeda

A new report suggests that the rumoured
Qualcomm Snapdragon 1000 processor is specifically prepared
for Windows 10 on ARM devices, including the upcoming Andromeda
mobile device (also referred to as Surface Phone).

A LinkedIn profile of an engineer suggests that Qualcomm is
also working on Snapdragon 1000 processor for desktops,
foldable Andromeda, and even the
HoloLens 2.

“Qualcomm SDM1000 is destined to end up in “desktop” PCs with
Windows 10 on ARM, Microsoft’s project “Andromeda” (?) and even
HoloLens it seems,” the well-known leaker Roland said in a

A report recently revealed that the
existing prototypes of Andromeda also “feature telephony
capabilities,” and the device will be able to make calls
and send text messages.

Microsoft’s Andromeda is not by any means supposed to compete
against the likes of Samsung Galaxy S9 or Apple iPhone, and
while the phone capabilities will still be offered, it
won’t look or work like a typical smartphone. It’ll be
interesting to see how Microsoft will bring phone capabilities
to a device that won’t look like a phone.

Microsoft has published several patents discovered in the last
12 months confirming that the software giant is indeed
pondering a new form factor for rumoured Andromeda. The
rumoured mobile device is of course based on the dual-screen

Snapdragon 1000 processor is reportedly a powerhouse and it
will give the much-needed boost to Windows 10 on
ARM project.

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