Report claims dual-screen Andromeda is a pocketable Windows 10 device

Surface Phone concept

Earlier this week a code in latest Windows 10 preview build
revealed that the rumoured Andromeda (commonly referred to as
Surface Phone) could support five different modes depending on
the positions of the screen. A new report now claims that the
Microsoft’s rumoured Windows 10 mobile-type device, codenamed
Andromeda has reportedly appeared in a internal email.

The reports and patents have revealed that the rumoured
Andromeda is an ambitious project that could be a 2-in-1 device
and not a new smartphone. It will feature a dual-screen design
and it could offer several form factors. The patent suggests
that the device will use hinge to enable support for multiple
form factors,  depending on the positions of the displays.

The reliable media outlet The Verge has obtained a internal
document that suggests the rumoured Andromeda could be a
pocketable Surface-branded Windows 10 device.

The leaked document adds that the device will blur the
lines between mobile and stationary computing. Microsoft’s
Andromeda is supposed to create a “new and disruptive” device
category. Microsoft’s Surface team is reportedly developing the
device that is innovative and it could create a truly personal
and versatile computing experience.

The report also claims that Microsoft is planning to launch the
innovative Windows 10 later this year. Certainly, there’s more
to find out about this ambitious project.

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