Recover lost files with EaseUS data recovery software


It’s always a good idea to have data recovery software
installed on the computer as it could help you get you out of
most sticky situations. With the free data recovery software
such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro, there’s a good chance
that you can recover the files that were deleted by you or
system accidentally.

The backup apps can help you restore your precious data and
you’ll be able to do it at for free or at low cost rather than
having to pay a huge sum to call in the experts. It’s important
to note that no recovery software gives you guarantee that your
lost data will be recoverable, but in most of the cases, the
recovery software will give you the best possible chance.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
Pro for Windows operating system.


When a file is deleted, it’s not erased immediately and you
still have the opportunity to use a software like EaseUS and
recover the lost data. The data is recoverable as long as space
is not overwritten by new data.

You can recover some of the lost files with data
recovery software, though it may not succeed in all

The tool features a very simple and elegant user interface.
After you launch the app and enter the license key, you’ve to
select a drive or folder. Once selected, the app will ask you
to wait for a few minutes while it completes its scan.

User interface

As mentioned, the user interface of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
is simple and straightforward. It features a Windows Explorer
style interface and you can filter files or even search for
specific files after the scam is complete.

The interface is uncluttered and you won’t find lots of
unnecessary confusing options hidden in deep settings or


With EaseUS’ solution, you can scan an entire drive, a folder,
your desktop or even Recycle Bin. For example, if you’ve
removed all files from Recycle Bin accidentally, you can use
this feature to restore the files.

Once you’ve selected the location, click on ‘Scan’ and EaseUS
will do the rest.

After the scan is complete, deleted files will be presented in
an organized manner and you can always use the search tool to
find a file quickly.

You can filter results by file type, by the time they were last
modified. You can also filter the results by size, or present
them in alphabetical order.

For a lost image file, you can switch to Large icons or Preview
Pane look to view the thumbnails of the deleted images. This
could allow you to quickly find the image that you want to

You can select all files or check the boxes beside the files
you want, and finally, click on Recover. Once clicked, the
software will start attempting to restore files to a new
location as restoring files in the same drive could increase
the chance of data corruption.

It’s also worth noting that the paid version of EaseUS Data
Recovery Wizard does not put a cap on the amount of data you
can recover, so it’s truly unlimited.


EaseUS needs at least a few minutes to scan the folder and it
could take longer if a bunch of files were removed at the same
time. Recovery also takes several minutes, but it depends on
the size of the file.

The app also offers a Deep Scan option, which is very slow as
it scans the disk to its roots.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional is a value for money
product, and you can also try it for free with limited
features. The free version allows you to recover up to 2GB of
data which is enough for many users, and you can always buy the
software to unlock the limitations.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro makes the process as
straightforward as possible and it’s definitely worth giving a

You can get it at 50% off

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