Realme 9 Series Pro teased in official photos

Realme 9 Series Pro

Realme has released some teaser photos of its latest smartphone, the Realme 9 Series Pro, the company has also revealed some more details about the handset.

The device will come with a new ‘Ligh Shift Design’ you can see more information on this below, Realme calls its chameleon effect.

Realme 9 Series Pro

realme, the fastest-growing smartphone brand, unveils the appearance of its most anticipated Number Series to date – the realme 9 Pro Series. Styled with a Light Shift Design, realme continues its daring and dashing spirit, stunning users with Europe’s first “chameleon” smartphone. 

The grace colour – Sunrise Blue in both 9 Pro series products – will feature the Light Shift Design, in which the back cover transitions from blue to red in five seconds under sunlight or ultraviolet light, fading back into blue when out of direct light. Inspired by photochromism and organic photochromic materials, the back cover is able to change colour when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

New techniques have been innovated to accomplish the chameleon effect on smartphones, from the thickness of the colour-changing layer and form to the binding strength to adhere glass layers and the lifespan of transition times. 

As yet we do not have the full specifications on the new Realme 9 Series Pro smartphone, as soon as we get more details on the device, we will let you know.

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