Real Firearm Emoji to be replaced by Water Pistol in Windows 10

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Microsoft which had introduced a Real Firearm Emoji in Windows
10 keyboard has announced that it is working on replacing the
Firearm Emoji with Water Pistol.

The Redmond Giant has decided to replace the emoji based on the
recent gun violence across the United States. Microsoft is not
the only company which has decided to replace the Real Firearm
Emoji. Facebook and Google are the other companies which have
decided to replace the Firearm Emoji.

It is said that the decision by the Redmond Giant has been made
due to the recent gun violence and the feedback it has
received. The company is currently reviewing all of its emoji’s
and a decision is to be made sooner than later. The
company is currently in the process of reviewing the feedback
and the emoji, and has not yet made any decision on when it
wants to replace the Real Firearm Emoji with the Water Pistol.

If sources are to be believed then we expect Microsoft to bring
the new Water Pistol emoji to all Windows 10 users with the
release of
Windows 10 April Update due to be released in a couple of
weeks time.

Microsoft has already made a lot of improvements to the emoji’s
it introduced in Windows 10 and also brought lot of changes to
the keyboard shortcuts to make it easy for users to use the
emojis during conversations.

We expect the Redmond Giant to make more improvements to the
emojis and its panel before the release of Redstone 4 to the
general public. Currently, Windows 10 PC users without access
to a touch keyboard can use the Win Key + to access the emoji
panel and pick up the emojis that they would like to use a

The company also plans to put more changes and bring lot of
improvements to the emoji keyboard in its next major update
Redstone 5 which it plans to release this fall.

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