Radirgy Swag launches June 13 for Switch in Japan

Radirgy Swag

Radirgy Swag is the latest entry in the pop-casual shoot’ em series Radirgy. Your goal is to reach the far side of the moon while collecting items. How fast and how far can you fly? How high of a score can you earn?

—The title screen, where Tadayo Aita, the protagonist, will talk to herself. Here the player can roll out and access settings, rankings, and other menus.

Radirgy Swag

—Pictured in the text box is Atora, a character who will aid Tadaya.

Radirgy Swag

Shoot ‘Em Up Gameplay

You can play the shoot ’em up by deploying from the main menu.

—Shoot and destroy enemies to get items. The player’s ship is displayed in the lower middle of the screen. Items received appear at the top of the screen, marked by a triangle.

Radirgy Swag

—On the left side of the screen is the ORDER, one of the games objectives. There are over 200 different conditions that appear for missions. Displayed around the player’s ship is the invincible ABSNET. Make steady use of it to clear your ORDER.

Radirgy Swag

—Pick up speed and enter into “OVER” mode. Collecting “speed” items will raise the player character’s speed. The player’s speed will boost, allowing them cover a lot of distance over a short time.​ If the player continues to boost speed by collecting speed items, they will enter into OVER mode and the game will become much more risky and exciting. The player character also wields the sword, a staple of the series, which is more powerful than shooting. It is strong enough to take out smaller, weaker enemies in a single strike.

Radirgy Swag

■ Story

After the “Umbra Incident,” I ended up having to dishonorably dropout of school and live in some abandoned station in Shinjuku. Several moons have passed since then and now I’m working in garbage collection part-time just to get by.

A co-worker named Atora asked me to do a bit of a special, personal, yet dangerous favor: pilot the terminal suit “White Tiger,” take aim at the small asteroid near the moon and…wait! the moon!? Space!?

I sort of feel like, “Where will collecting garbage and handling the tasks issued by the company get me?”

…But I’m uneasy by myself, so I want you to lend your blade and join me in battle!

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