Qualcomm’s survey says 83% of users want 20+ hours of battery life from notebook

Qualcomm battery life survey

Qualcomm is betting big on Always Connected PCs which aims to
deliver longer battery life even with full Windows 10 operating
system. Qualcomm earlier this month announced Snapdragon 850, a
new processor that will be used exclusively on devices powered
by Windows 10 ARM, and the chip should offer 20 percent
better battery life than the predecessor.

The existence of Qualcomm’s Always Connected PCs project is a
living proof that consumers want lots of battery life from
their notebooks, and both Qualcomm and Microsoft are trying to
fix it.

The first generation Always Connected PCs with Snapdragon 835
processor offered longer battery life than the current lineup
of the laptop, and the chip that was originally installed
on high-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

During a conference held in Beijing on June 21, Qualcomm
revealed that they conducted a survey to seek feedback from
users. Qualcomm says that the 83% users want more than 20 hours
of battery life from their notebooks, and 60% of users would
like to have high-speed 4G LTE mobile connectivity.

Qualcomm at the same event also discussed the Snapdragon 850

Snapdragon 850 was announced at Computex with better

At its keynote presentation at Computex 2018, Qualcomm
announced the Snapdragon 850, and the chipset is designed
exclusively for PCs powered by Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating
system, and the clock speed is almost 3Ghz.

Qualcomm says that the processor has been optimized for use
with Windows PCs.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 850-powered devices would hit the market
last year. The chipset offers better performance over
Snapdragon 835 devices, and performance has been improved by as
much as 30 percent.

The processor will offer 20 percent better battery life coupled
with 20 percent faster peak gigabit data.

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