Puzzle platformer HackyZack for Switch launches August 23



Ball-juggling puzzle platformer HackyZack will launch for Switch on August 24, publisher Digerati and developers Spaceboy Games and Kittehface Software announced. It is available for pre-order now via the Nintendo eShop with a 10 percent discount.

Additionally, the companies announced that the Switch version of the game will include a new local two-player mode created exclusively for the platform.

Here is an overview of the game, via Digerati:


You are Zack. Juggle balls, bounce off walls and avoid fatal falls as you try to make it through more than 100 levels of precision puzzle-platforming. Collect stickers along the way to unlock optional time-trial challenge levels as well as extra playable characters (who are also extra cute!).

Key Features

  • Precision-platforming puzzle-stunt game
  • Multiple ways to conquer 100+ levels across 6 challenging worlds
  • Keepy-up with a variety of balls, including extra-bouncy and slo-mo
  • Master movement and aiming: Bouncing! Ricochets! Wall jumps! Much more!
  • Local two-player mode: Take on HackyZack with a friend, exclusive to Nintendo Switch (supports split Joy-Con play)
  • Goal Mode: guide the ball to the exit to complete the stage
  • Target Mode: use the ball to smash all diamonds on a stage as quickly as possible
  • Collect stickers to unlock Target Mode levels and additional playable characters
  • Relaxing, stress-alleviating soundtrack by Vincent Rubinetti

Watch a trailer below.

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