PSVR Exclusive Animal Force Launches in United States Next Month


PSVR Exclusive Animal Force Launches in United States Next Month

June 22, 2018Written by Anthony Nash

After releasing the game last month in Europe, American PlayStation VR owners are in for a treat, as Oasis Games and Chinese developers ISVR have announced that their PSVR exclusive title Animal Force will be releasing to the U.S. PlayStation Store sometime next month. A tower defense game designed specifically for virtual reality, the game tasks players with saving the world from alien invaders by using super-powered animals.

“Many of us had a fascination with the animal kingdom as children, giving them personalities and wondering how much like us they were,” explained Daniel Lin, Oasis Games’ Senior Marketing Director. “With Animal Force we hope our players of all ages will channel their animal spirit and join their friends, humans and animals alike, in this zany VR adventure.”

In Animal Force, each animal features their own unique ability that will help them create their own tactical defensive advantage. Players can also get up close with the action, grabbing a defender and going hand-to-hand thanks to the PlayStation Move controllers. The campaign of the game features seven stages to play through,and also features local multiplayer mini-games that support up to 3 additional players.

Animal Force will launch exclusively for PlayStation VR sometime next month.

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