Pros and Cons of PS 3

Pros and Cons of PS 3

Pros and Cons of PS 3

Quotes by FlowingGame.Com, PlayStation 3 comes as a console that captivates many fans. Although the fourth generation of the PlayStation has been born including the birth of Xbox One made by Microsoft. Then what are the pros and cons of PS 3 and PS 4, because after PS 4 and Xbox One was born, they did not immediately shift the position of PS 3 in the hearts of the gamers. Here below you will find out more information about the reasons.

Pros of PlayStation 3

• PlayStation 3 applies the latest technology in the form of cell processor. This condition is different from other desktop processor. Cell processor has the ability to run floating float better. For your information that the processor is embedded on the PlayStation 3 is one of the most advanced processor.

• PS 3 has got XMB (cross media bar) feature. This operating system has been pinned on the PlayStation portable (which has now been replaced by PlayStation Vita), PSX, and all Sony Bravia type television.

• Internet browser facility on PS 3 is one of the main attraction for gamers. You will also get multitasking feature on PS 3. You can listen to your favorite songs while browsing the internet. XMB on PS 3 can also open files with video or music format.

• PS 3 applies technical requirements checklist that allows you to play games from PS 2.

• PS 3 is designed with a qualified design that has a luxurious look. The console features a touch feature applied to the open and close buttons on Blu-ray.

• PS 3 price is affordable with good game console specifications. You certainly feel happy when Sony decreased the price of PlayStation 3 sometime after the appearance of PlayStation 4. This makes the price of PS 3 more affordable and some games have a performance that is not much different in both consoles.

Cons of PlayStation 3

• Before the PS 3 console was released, Sony has provided news that PS3 will use the Linux operating system, but it turned out that when released PS3 does not use the Linux operating system. This condition backfires because many Linux users can play pirated games from the PS3.

• In the initial launch, PS 3 released two versions with a hard drive with a capacity of 20 GB and 60 GB. Unfortunately 20 GB of hard drive cannot be upgraded or upgraded to be larger. Therefore finally Sony released a version of 40 GB hard drive. However, this version still has the disadvantage of not having backward compatibility feature. Because it does not have these features, then players cannot play games from PS 1 or PS 2.

• PlayStation 3 does not have a PS remote so it cannot be used for long-distance play just like on PlayStation 4. On PlayStation 4 you can play long distance because it already has PS Vita, while PS 3 is not yet equipped with this feature.

Based on the text above, now you know some things related to the pros and cons of PS 3. The information is also a tips buy PS3 for those of you who do not have enough budget to buy PlayStation 4 orXbox One. Hopefully this article can be useful for you. Basically, PlayStation 3 has thousands of fun games to play. Therefore, do not be discouraged if your budget is just enough to buy PS 3. You can still feel the excitement of playing great games with this console. Have a try!

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