Project Sakura Wars details sub-characters Itsuki and Hiromi, locations, and performances; Azami Mochizuki character song music video

■ Characters

Itsuki Saijou (voiced by Mayu Yoshioka, designed by Noizi Ito)

Project Sakura Wars

A hardcore fan of the Imperial Opera Troupe that loves the Imperial Theater and Floral Division.

Whether it is day or night, she will visit the Imperial Theater is she has the free time for it, and deepens her exchanges with the theater’s staff and customers. Her hobby is collecting Imperial Theater merchandise, and works day and night to have a full collection of everything from the old Floral Division to the current Floral Division. Regarding bromide collection, there is a scene where she is full of competitive spirit towards Seijuurou Kamiyama.

Project Sakura Wars

Hiromi Hongou (voiced by Haruka Terui, designed by Noizi Ito)

Project Sakura Wars

The clerk at Okashidokoro Mikazuki.

With a kind attitude and soft, comfortable smile, many customers come to the store just to see her.

While she normally sells Japanese sweets as a clerk, she is also hard at work making new sweets. The new sweets she makes tend to cause bizarre effects when eaten, so they are feared by many.

Project Sakura Wars

■ Locations

Imperial Capital Central Station

Project Sakura Wars

A station that serves as the key point of traffic in the Imperial Capital. It is the gateway to the Imperial Capital, servicing in both trains and airships. There is a pathway to the left of the station that connects to the Great Imperial Hotel.

Ginza Oodori

Project Sakura Wars

Ginza Oodori is the main street of Ginza. To the left is the Cafe Gilles du Lait cafe, and to the right the Ginroku Hyakkaten department store. In the back of main street is a small square crowded with people.

Cafe Gilles du Lait

Project Sakura Wars

A cafe on Ginza Oodori. The interior has a modern atmosphere, and the store receives many customers.

Rooftop Amusement Park

Project Sakura Wars

An amusement park on the rooftop of the Ginroku Hyakkaten. Its huge ferris wheel stands out above all else.

Tram Stop

Project Sakura Wars

An area with a tram stop. The Japanese sweets shop and book store can be found on the opposite side of the road.

Okashidokoro Mizuki

A Japanese sweets shops located opposite the tram stop. Hiromi Hongou works the shop counter.

Project Sakura Wars

Kabuki Theater

Project Sakura Wars

Japan’s representative Kabuki theater, located in Ginza in the Imperial Capital. Various kabuki performances are held here, and it is generally crowded with customers.

Mikasa Memorial Park

Project Sakura Wars

A park built to commemorate the air battleship Mikasa, which protected the Imperial Capital in a past war. The park, which faces the sea, is a place where people can relax.

■ Imperial Opera Troupe: Performances

In times of peace, the Imperial Combat Revue: Floral Division practices day and night at the Great Imperial Theater, and performs as an opera troupe. Here is a look at some of their various performances.


Project Sakura Wars

A play performed in the first chapter. The lead role is played by Sakura Amamiya, but she lacks acting experience and the stage setting is worn and tattered. It is a messy performance that symbolizes the state of the Floral Division immediately after the start of the game. Sakura Amamiya plays the role of Momotaro, Hatsuho Shinonome plays the demon, and Claris plays the monkey.

“Da Nang’s Love”

Project Sakura Wars

A play written by Claris, and put on as a performance commemorating Anastasia becoming a member of the Floral Division. While the lead role is played by Anastasia, the heroine is played by Sakura Amamiya. The play uses a stage setting prepared by Reiji Shiba, who is also in charge of the stage props for the Imperial Theater.

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