Preview build drops support for SMS Relay feature with Windows 10 Mobile

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Microsoft recently released Windows 10 preview build 17704 with
a whole new Skype messaging app. The new version of Skype is
built on React Native, instead of XAML, and while it’s
still a true UWP app, the app is not available on Windows 10
Mobile and lacks support for relay feature.

Fortunately, the new Skype app available in  build 17704
is much better than the old UWP app. But the SMS Relay feature
which was present in old Skype app is no longer available in
this version.

Windows 10 Mobile users could set the Skype UWP app as their
default messaging app and when they have done that, they could
use the Skype UWP app on their Windows 10 PC to send text
messages. However, this feature was somewhat buggy and
Microsoft didn’t care to fix it because of obvious reasons. It
appears that Microsoft has ditched the SMS Relay feature with
new app.

As Microsoft is replacing the old feature-less app with a
modern version of Skype, we can expect to see more updates in
the near future which will bring the full functionality of the
desktop app to the new app.

Skype app is built on React Native but it support features like
Live Tile. One of the great features that Microsoft added to
new app is the ability to put Skype contacts in the My People
hub in the Taskbar.

Even though the new app has support for notifications, there is
no option to send replies from the notification popup itself.

Microsoft could still relaunch such a feature in the coming
months or years. Microsoft will soon launch the Your Phone app
on Windows 10 allowing Android and iOS users to send text
messages through their PC from this app.

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