President Donald Trump tests disastrous for coronavirus after a week of controversy

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A print posted to Instagram by Brazil’s presidential communications director, Fabio Wajngarten, shows him during distant right, with President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Brazilian businessman Alvaro Garnero. (Fabio Wajngarten around Instagram)

President Donald Trump famously downplayed a earnest of a coronavirus conflict during first, though now he’s been tested to see if he’s carrying a pathogen – and a formula uncover he doesn’t have it.

The ups and downs of a past week illustrate how concerns about coronavirus are being taken some-more severely in a White House as a outbreak’s widespread has widened.

“I had my heat taken entrance into a room,” Trump told reporters now during a lecture in a White House press room. “I also took a exam final night.”

Getting a boss to take that exam took a while.

Let’s start with a photo: Last weekend, Trump met with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro during his Mar-a-Lago review in Florida – and afterward, Bolsonaro’s communications executive posted an Instagram design of himself station subsequent to Trump as they were display off “Make Brazil Great Again” caps. (Vice President Mike Pence is also in a picture.)

A few days later, it incited out that a communications executive – named Fabio Wajngarten – tested certain for a coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Bolsonaro was tested for coronavirus as well, and after some initial confusion, a Brazilian boss reported on Twitter on Friday that a exam came out negative.

But what about Trump? Public health officials generally contend that people who know they’ve been unprotected to coronavirus should be monitored.

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Trump had been asked about this some-more than once in a past few days, and he customarily pronounced that his doctors told him not to worry. But during a Friday news briefing, CBS News White House match Weijia Jiang seemed to have wrung a joining out of a president. Here’s a transcript:

Jiang: “The chairman we were station subsequent to, either we know who he is or not, tested certain for coronavirus. Dr. Fauci [director of a National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases] pronounced this morning, if we mount subsequent to somebody who tested positive, we should self-isolate and get a test. You contend your White House alloy is revelation we something different. Who should Americans listen to?”

Trump: “I consider they have to listen to their doctors, and we consider they shouldn’t be jumping to get a exam unless it’s necessary. But we consider they have to listen to their doctors. we haven’t seen a picture. Somebody pronounced there’s a design with somebody holding a design with me, though we haven’t seen it.”

Jiang: “Doctors have pronounced we competence have it even if we don’t have symptoms. Are we being greedy by not removing tested?”

Trump: “Well, we didn’t contend we wasn’t going to be tested.”

Jiang: “Are we going to be?”

Trump: “Most likely, yeah. Not for that reason, though since we consider we will do it anyway.”

Jiang: “Will we let us know…”

Trump: “Pretty soon. We’re operative on that. We’re operative out a schedule.”

Then it was time for a subsequent question, and everybody changed on. Some marveled during how Trump shook hands with many of a VIPs fabricated in a Rose Garden, unaware a recommendation about personification it protected and gripping one’s distance. One of a executives, LHC Group’s Bruce Greenstein, didn’t take Trump’s proffered palm during a news lecture though gave him an epidemiologically scold bend strike instead.

“OK, we like that,” Trump said. “That’s good.”

Fast-forward to Friday night: White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham distributed a memo that she was sent by a president’s White House physician, Sean Conley, stating that Trump not usually acted for a design with Wajngarten during final week’s Mar-a-Lago event, though also common a list with a opposite Mar-a-Lago guest who only started display symptoms of illness Friday morning.

Since then, a cooking guest has tested certain for COVID-19, Conley wrote. The Washington Post says a Brazilian Embassy identified a guest as behaving Brazilian envoy Nestor Forster, who is now in self-quarantine. A few days ago, a embassy tweeted a print of Forster jolt hands with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who has also tested certain for a virus.

Conley forked out that in both of a Mar-a-Lago cases, a interactions with Trump occurred before a conflict of symptoms. “These interactions would be categorized as LOW risk for delivery per CDC guidelines, and as such there is no denote for home quarantine during this time,” a alloy wrote.

“Additionally, given a boss himself stays but symptoms, contrast for COVID-19 is not now indicated,” Conley said. “I will continue to closely guard and caring for a president, and will refurbish we as some-more information becomes available.”

End of story, right? Not quite. It incited out that Trump took a exam after all.

“I motionless we should, formed on a press contention yesterday,” he told reporters today. “People were asking, did we take a test.”

Trump also pronounced he’s perplexing to mangle himself of a handshaking habit. “Shaking hands is not a good thing to be doing right now, we agree,” he said.

The final word came tonight in a follow-up memo from Conley, who pronounced a exam was administered to a boss on Friday night after an “in-depth discussion.”

“This dusk we perceived acknowledgment that a exam is negative,” Conley wrote.

This is an updated chronicle of a news creatively published during 4:30 p.m. PT Mar 13.

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