Pokémon Go trainer battles are coming soon

Pokémon Go trainer battles teaser

After adding major new features like friends and trading earlier this year, it looks like Pokémon Go is soon going to add another heavily requested feature.

Pokémon Go will soon gain player vs player (PvP) trainer battles. The news was confirmed this morning on the official Pokémon Go Twitter account, which says, “Get prepared… Trainer Battles are coming soon to Pokémon GO ! #GOBattle”.

One of the main features of the core Pokémon games is to battle other players using the Pokémon you’ve captured and trained while playing. That feature has been missing from Pokémon Go ever since its launch nearly two and a half years ago, though, as players have mainly used their monsters for battling at gyms and raid battles. Now PvP trainer battles are finally coming to Pokémon Go, and while we don’t know much about the feature beyond that, there are likely lots Pokémon trainers that are happy to see that PvP battles are finally coming.

Are you playing Pokémon Go?

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