Poco F2 trademark hints that Xiaomi may launch new Pocophone soon

Pocophone F1

We haven’t heard  much about a new phone from Xiaomi sub-brand Poco ever since the launch of the Pocophone F1 (shown above) in 2018, but that may finally be changing soon.

Xiaomi recently applied for the trademark to the name “Poco F2”. Documents spotted in China’s intellectual property office (via Android Police, @_the_tech_guy) reveal both the Poco F2 name and the fact that it was registered for by Xiaomi in early December 2019.

Unfortunately for us, that’s about the only info about the Poco F2 that the trademark filing does reveal about the phone. There’s nothing mentioned about its design, specs, or launch date.

Xiaomi applied for the trademark to “Poco F1” around two months before the Pocophone F1 was officially introduced, so it’s possible that we’ll meet the Pocophone F2 in the near future.

The Pocophone F1 offered higher-end specs at an aggressive price. Its spec list included a Snapdragon 845 processor, up to 8GB of RAM, dual rear camera setup, and 6.18-inch display, all for a starting price of around $300. Now that we’re a year and a half later and the market for aggressively priced, well-specced Android phones continues to grow and get more competitive, we’re looking forward to seeing what Xiaomi does with its second Pocophone.

Poco F2 trademark Xiaomi

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