PlayStation Vue shutting down in January 2020

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Sony revealed today that it will be shutting down its PlayStation Vue TV streaming service nearly five years after its launch. The shutdown will happen on January 30, 2020, meaning subscribers will still have access to the service for a few months.

As for why it’s shutting down, Sony points to “the highly competitive Pay TV industry.” The company explains that the industry has expensive content and network deals and that it’s been slower to change than Sony expected. Because of all this, Sony has decided to focus on its core gaming business. 

The streaming TV industry is a competitive one, with companies like Sony, Sling, Hulu, AT&T, and others all battling it out for the money of cord cutters. We’ve seen most of those services raise prices lately in response to the rising costs of content. Now it looks like Sony has decided that it would rather focus on its PlayStation gaming business rather than keep battling it out for attention from cord cutting consumers.

Did you ever try PlayStation Vue?

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