PlayStation Playroom Mascot Astro Bot Gets a Stand Alone Game in VR


PlayStation Playroom Mascot Astro Bot Gets a Stand Alone Game in VR

May 23, 2018Written by John Abrena

astro bot rescue mission announcement

Nicolas Doucet, creative director and producer at Japan Studio, had announced that the cute The Playroom mascot Astro Bot, will be getting a stand alone game, in VR!

The game is called Astro Bot Rescue Mission, and is brought to us by Japan Studio, courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. The game is a joint project by Asobi! Team and Japan studio, the same guys who brought us The Playroom and The Playroom VR. The game will be a platform action game, so expect a lot of adventuring beat-em-up action!

Astro Bot Rescue Mission lets players take control of Astro, a Bot captain of a rescue ship, on a mission to recover their lost crew. Astro’s mates are scattered over 5 planets, and the player must help him by running, jumping, and punching enemies. There will be 26 stages across 5 worlds, with each planet featuring an epic boss fight at the end.

According to Doucet, via the PlayStation blog:

Thanks to PSVR, we were able to take platforming to new heights and develop rich gameplay around the player, taking advantage of the increased perspective, proximity and the added depth that PSVR offers. As a result, the game feels incredibly smooth, and jumps are ultra-precise – even in situations where the action ramps up. This opens up many doors for innovative play such as playing an entire sequence from multiple angles – below, from above, across 180 degrees or by leaning round corners to discover ledges and progress through levels.

The only concrete information is that Astro Bot Rescue Mission will get released on the PlayStation VR. More details about the game will get revealed in the future.

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