Platinum Games announces Hideki Kamiya-directed hero game Project G.G.

Platinum Games

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals Project G.G. from Platinum Games, a new hero game described as the final entry in the Hideki Kamiya trilogy of hero works. The first two are likely the Viewtiful Joe series and The Wonderful 101.

The magazine shows a boy posing, body covered in a pale light, and transforming into a giant to fight against a kaiju.

Here are the key tidbits from the magazine’s interview:

  • Hideki Kamiya (Platinum Games Senior Vice President, Game Designer): “I’m making this game as the director of a brand new title.”
  • Atsushi Inaba (Platinum Games Executive Vice President, Studio Head): “We’re going to go against the user’s expectations—in a good way.”
  • Kamiya: “We’re taking on challenges that Platinum has never taken on before.”
  • Kamiya: “Where Viewtiful Joe is Kamen Rider-esque in that one guy transforms into a hero, and The Wonderful 101 is more like a group of people transforming into heroes, Project G.G. is a giant hero-esque title.”
  • Inaba: “If we were to put this game into a genre, it would be something-something, action, something-something.”
  • Kamiya: “While its feel as an action game is important, it is not a game solely focused on action.”
  • Inaba: “At the current stage, we want to launch on all existing platforms.”
  • Inaba: “We’re at the project start stage, and from here on we’ll be putting together the development team.”
  • Inaba: “We’re opening a 100-person studio in Tokyo, so we’re going to be recruiting talent. There are already about 15 people working there.”
  • Kamiya: “[Astral Chain director] Takahisa Taura beat me in a Twitter poll for ‘Creators I Want to Work With,’ so I’m a bit sad.”
  • Inaba: “You have to own that fact. (Laughs.)”
  • Inaba: “In the past, we have received capital investment-like proposals similar to the one from Tencent, but there was much talk of Platinum Games loosing its independence, so we turned them down as not trade our freedom for stability.”

Project G.G will fill section two of four on the “Platinum 4” website launched earlier this month. The first section was filled by The Wonderful 101: Remastered. The last two sections are for new projects that have yet to be revealed. According to Inaba, “The last one is a secret. We’re doing something very Platinum and interesting. Look forward to it.”

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