Pandora Premium Family Plan now available for $14.99 per month

Pandora Premium

One year ago, Pandora stepped up its fight against Apple Music and Spotify by launching Pandora Premium, its own $9.99 per month on-demand streaming service. Now Pandora is offering another tier of service to keep up the competition.

A Pandora Premium Family Plan is now available. The plan costs $14.99 per month for up to six unique Pandora Premium accounts. These accounts can be used simultaneously, each with all of the Pandora Premium features like on-demand listening, offline listening, higher-quality audio, and no ads.

If you’re currently a Pandora Premium subscriber, you can change your plan to a Family Plan. New Premium subscribers can sign up for a Family Plan right away. Once you’ve signed up, go to the Subscription section of your account and select “Manage Family”. You can then sent invitations to your plan.

Apple Music and Spotify have offered family plans for awhile now, so it’s good to see Pandora Premium adding the feature, too. With it, you can get more people onto your family plan, making it cheaper for you if each person pays for their portion of the service. This is a good move for Pandora, too, because it’ll likely get more people using its Premium service.

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